Apply now for free

Are you ready for your big adventure? Take the first step now and apply for your Au Pair time in your favorite city! The application is completely free. The program fees only apply when you and your future host family decided that you want to start the program together and the contracts are signed. 

That´s how it works: 

1. Send us an email with your name, your age, your hometown and your program selection as well as your choosen city.

2. We will send you our application form which you need to fill out and return to us. You can also download it.

3. We will start the search for your host family and now it is also time to send us your application video which shows the families who you are. 

4. Potential host families contact you.

5. You and your host family agree on starting the program together.

6. You will receive your Au Pair contract, together with all other required paperwork and you send it back to us.

7. We are booking your flight (Now the program fee is due).

8. United by Choice prepares your arrival at the host family.

9. Your Au Pair adventure is starting.